Joel Noble - Greater Los Angeles Account Manager

Joel NobleBirthplace: Huntington Beach, CA

Education: State of CA Flooring Contractor and the world-renowned School of Life

Interests: Random outdoor adventuring, yoga, drinking really good inexpensive wine, drinking really good expensive beer, traveling, good sleep, and an interesting pair of crazy socks

Fav Movies: Amadeus, Tombstone, Blazing Saddles

Fav Book: Bible, Game of Thrones

Fav Music: Everything but country. Rock, EDM, Alternative, Classical, Folk, and even Rap

Fav Food: Sushi, Baja-Mex, Italian

Fav Places: Laguna Beach, CA, Mammoth, CA, anywhere in the South of France

Fav Time of Day: Sunset with my girl and a glass of red sitting on the sand

Childhood Enthusiasms: Racing sticks in streams, playing in giant piles of fall leaves, swinging in tire swings so high that I become weightless, picking wild asparagus for mom to cook with dinner, timing jumping off beach cliffs into the ocean when the waves roll in so we don’t “ground out”, playing cribbage, and ALL Hot Wheels!!

Teenage Enthusiasms: Surfing, snowboarding, and absolutely nothing else

Greatest Ambition: To ALWAYS remember to laugh out loud with those I love

Greatest Accomplishment: It is still TBD, but I imagine having my own child one day and teaching them to walk and talk would easily top the list

Fav Quote: “There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”