Gregg Westrick - Marketing Manager

Education: Engineering, Social Policy, BusinessGregg Westrick

Hobbies: Backgammon, Eating Too Much, Travel, Serendipity, Languages, Crafts

Music: Country, 70's, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Movie: James Bond, TED Talks

Book: Clancy, Dawkins

Food: Raclette, BBQ Goose, Dim Sum

Family: Married + many siblings, niblings & in-laws

Birthplace: Indiana

Favorite Time: Sunrise

Favorite Place: Sunset Peak on Lantau Island

Childhood Accomplishment: Escaped Indiana to Hong Kong

Ambition: Fostering personal awareness and development

Accomplishments: Surviving Earthquakes. Competitive Backgammon. Author.

Motto/Quote: Be yourself. Seek out the good. Be generous. Enjoy!