David Krause - Account Manager

David KruaseBirthplace: Downers Grove, Illinois

Hobbies & Interests: Live music, laughing, gardening, woodworking, re-purposing dumpster finds, building, restoring antique military vehicles, snowboarding, camping, fishing & dirt biking are a few of my favorite things.

Favorite Music: Ben Folds, Queen, Billy Joel, FUN, ELO, Muse, James Brown, The Head & the Heart, Phish, Al Green, The Lumineers, Ray Lamontagne, Elton John, Widespread Panic, Grateful Dead, The Who, Talking Heads, Kendrick Lamar, Amy Winehouse, Alex Cameron, Passenger, James Taylor, The Subdudes, Green Day, Sonia Dada, The Motet, and pretty much all music - even the Barney theme song! There is a mind-boggling amount of fantastic music; it would be impossible to hear it all in just one lifetime.

Favorite Movie: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain (a.k.a. Amélie) 

Favorite Food: Crazy fresh seafood

Favorite Place: Red Rocks Amphitheater and anywhere that I can clearly see the stars.

Favorite Time of Day: The few minutes between darkness and sunrise; the time of day when the earth is most obviously moving.

Childhood Enthusiasms: Trying to be an adult as fast as possible (regretfully), building treehouses, gardening, swimming in muddy ponds, all things cash registers, tinkering with/breaking computers, and fire.

Greatest Ambition: Children of my own to love on a self-sufficient farm. Doing my small part to make the world a better, more sustainable place for the future.

Greatest Accomplishment: Managing to keep myself alive thus far.

Favorite Quote: Love & Happiness are two of the few things that actually double when shared with someone else. Be generous with the world around you; money is a renewable resource.

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