Andy - Account Manager

Birthplace: Remulac, a small town in France

Education: BA Biology UC Santa Cruz

Hobbies & Interests: Passive houses, desert ecology, longboarding, joyful offspring, permanent vacation

Favorite Music: Tower of Power, Pharaoh Sanders, Drive by Truckers, REM, Ben Harper

Favorite Movie: The entire Jarmusch oevre

Favorite Food: Thai pumpkin curry, sticky rice, beer

Favorite Place: Kelso Dune at sunrise

Favorite Time of Day: Warm windy dusk

Childhood Enthusiasms: Photography, golf, reptiles, hot springs, mischief

Greatest Ambition: Global circumnavigation by sailboat

Greatest Accomplishment: By a mile … Raising well-adjusted children

Favorite Quote: Better to ask forgiveness than permission.

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