Doug Rende - CEO

Doug Rende - CEO at TerraMai 

From my experience in leading Fortune 500 and start-up companies, I have found the most personal and professional success comes from sustaining an environment that feeds off a shared passion for one’s purpose. We at TerraMai are honored to contribute our materials; our craftsmanship and our passion to deliver on LEED and WELL building standards that create (and sustain) a positive environment. It is this environment that drew me to TerraMai; where our purpose drives our Mission, Vision and Values and I am delighted to share our passion with you.

Doug Rende 

Doug Rende 

TerraMai Values - “The 7 C’s”
With continuous, visible commitment that our internal and
external customers are our most valued asset, we will:
  1. Contribute to a safe environment
  2. Challenge the status quo
  3. Commit to integrity
  4. Conduct business with fairness & respect
  5. Continually develop and improve
  6. Collaborate in working together as a team
  7. Create value for all stakeholders