Magic in the Mill

See how TerraMai creates its Lost Coast Redwood Weathered Paneling


Reclaimed redwood fencing from Northern California arrives by semi-trailer to TerraMai’s Oregon facility. Here it is milled into our award winning, beautifully weathered redwood wall and ceiling paneling. The raw material is first inspected, de-metaled to remove nails and other fasteners, and end trimmed. Planks are then precision milled to a consistent thickness using a Weinig moulder which also makes the tongue and groove profile on each plank.

A smooth installation is assured as the bottom side of each board is planed allowing boards to lay flat and the programmed width (5” or 7”) is true and consistent from board to board. TerraMai has established strong sourcing relationships to ensure an abundant and steady supply of the raw material.

Whether looking for a classic naturally distressed ‘barn wood’ like patina, a pop of color, or a more consistent look provided by color sorting, a tinted oil or nylon brushing, Lost Coast is a sustainable way to achieve a gorgeous look.

Weathered Redwood Barn Wood

Weathered Redwood Brown Barn Wood
Weathered - Browns

Weathered Redwood Grey Barn Wood
Weathered - Greys

Weathered Redwood Nylon Brushed Barn Wood
Nylon Brushed

Reclaimed Tinted Redwood Paneling
Weathered & Tinted

Reclaimed Weathered Tinted Lost Coast Redwood
Tinted Oil - Fog

Weathered Tinted Redwood Storm
Tinted Oil - Storm

Surfaced Redwood
Surfaced - Oil

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