Tara Parks - Inventory Control Manager


Birthplace: San Leandro, CA

Education: Master’s in Business Administration, Oregon State

Hobbies & Interests: Sewing, repurposing furniture, running, raising kids and baking

Favorite Music: 80’s, classic rock and Genesis/Phil Collins

Favorite Movies: Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy, Horrible Bosses & The Other Guys

Favorite Book: Whatever I am reading at that time; Kurt Vonnegut and Sophia Kinsella as favorite authors

Favorite Food: Bacon, beer and hot fudge sundaes (ideally with a warm brownie underneath)

Favorite Place: The Beach, preferably a warm one

Favorite Time of Day: Early morning or dusk

Childhood Enthusiasms: Our tree fort, the deer fort and my friends

Greatest Ambition: To raise well adjusted, well behaved, thoughtful kids