TerraMai’s exotic and domestic reclaimed wood paneling comes with history, story and personality. It transforms walls and ceilings into something truly unique; certain to be a conversation starter! We can help you achieve your design vision with our wide range of textures, colors and character.

  Teak & Acacia Reclaimed Wood Paneling - Southeast Asia

Reclaimed Wood Teak FJ
Teak FJ
Teak Engineered - Oil
Teak Engineered
Teak Engineered - Naked
Naked Teak Engineered
Reclaimed Naked Teak Oiled
Naked Teak Eng - Clear Oil
Reclaimed Teak Engineered - Kukui
Teak Engineered - Kukui
Reclaimed Long Plank Teak Paneling
Surfaced Long Plank Teak
Reclaimed Teak Weathered Paneling
ND Long Plank Teak
Reclaimed Acacia Metro Paneling
Acacia Metro
Reclaimed Acacia Metro White
Acacia Metro - Wire White
Reclaimed Acacia Metro Wire Dark
Acacia Metro - Wire Dark
Reclaimed Acacia Driftwood
Acacia Metro - Driftwood
Reclaimed Teak Metro Oil
Teak Metro - Oil
Reclaimed Teak Metro Wire White
Teak Metro - Wire White
Reclaimed Teak Metro Wire Dark
Teak Metro - Wire Dark

  Redwood Reclaimed Wood Paneling - North America

Weathered Redwood Barn Wood
Weathered Lost Coast Redwood
Weathered Tinted Redwood - Lost Coast Fog
Lost Coast Redwood - Fog
Weathered Tinted Redwood Storm
Lost Coast Redwood - Storm
Weathered Redwood - Tinted
Lost Coast Redwood - Ember
Reclaimed Tinted Redwood Paneling
Lost Coast Redwood - W&T
Reclaimed Weathered Redwood - Weathered Filet
Lost Coast - Weathered Filet
Reclaimed Simply Weathered Redwood Paneling Barn Wood
Lost Coast - Simply Weathered
Surfaced Redwood
Surfaced Lost Coast Redwood

  Oak Reclaimed Wood Paneling - North America

Reclaimed White Oak Wood Flooring
Mission Oak White
Reclaimed Oak Vintage Wood Flooring
Mission Oak Vintage
Reclaimed Red Oak Flooring
Mission Oak Red
Reclaimed Mission Oak Engineered Flooring - White Oil
Mission Oak - White Oil
Reclaimed Mission Oak Leather Flooring
Mission Oak - Leather
Reclaimed Mission Oak Dark Oil Flooring and Paneling
Mission Oak - Dark Oil
Reclaimed Mission Oak Engineered Cowboy Coffee
Mission Oak - Cowboy Coffee
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak
MC White Oak 5"
Reclaimed White Oak Mixed Grain
MC White Oak 6"
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak
MC White Oak -  Stout
Reclaimed Mission Oak Pale Ale
MC White Oak - Pale Ale
Reclaimed White Oak Textured & Tinted
MC White Oak 5" Textured & Tinted
Reclaimed Dirty Face
Dirty Face
Reclaimed Dirty Face White Oil
Dirty Face - White Oil
Reclaimed Oak Dark Horse
Dark Horse - Clear Oil
Reclaimed Oak Dark Horse
Dark Horse - Black Oil
Reclaimed Oak Paneling - Shadow
Moonscape - Shadow
Reclaimed Oak Engineered
Moonscape - Eclipse

  Walnut, Doug Fir, Pine & Cedar Reclaimed Wood Paneling - North America

Mod Classics Walnut - TT
MC Walnut
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling - Red
Jewel Box - Ruby Red
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling - Black
Jewel Box - Black Pearl
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling - Blue
Jewel Box - Blue Topaz
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling - White
Jewel Box - Smoky Diamond
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling
Doug Fir Mocha
Reclaimed Clear Mixed Grain Douglas Fir
Mixed Grain Doug Fir
Reclaimed rePLY Paneling
Reclaimed rePLY Paneling - White Wash
rePLY - White Wash
Reclaimed Pine Paneling
Pine - Black Tinted Oil
Reclaimed Tinted Pine Paneling
Pine - Chocolate Tinted Oil
Reclaimed Red Cedar Paneling
Western Red Cedar - Oil
Reclaimed Tinted Red Cedar Paneling
Western Red Cedar - Dark Oil

  Peroba Reclaimed Wood Paneling - South America

Peroba Weathered
Weathered Peroba
Peroba Weathered
Sandblasted Peroba
Peroba Surfaced
Surfaced Peroba
Peroba Tinted
Tinted Peroba