Matt Nichols - Channel Manager


Education: MA in history from California State University, Sacramento. BA in history from the University of Utah.

Interests: Design and crafts of all kinds - from the homespun to the grand scale. History, politics, sports. 

Favorite Music: A total mish-mash of assorted stuff - early Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, Bill Evans, Bach and on it goes 

Favorite MovieDr. Strangelove - if I had to pick just one  

Favorite Book: Heart of Darkness

Favorite Place: Our family house. North Bay. British Isles & Denmark. Utah & Idaho. Family house where I grew up.

Favorite Time of Day: Coming home to my family

Family: Wife Rebecca and our four children - Rowan, Gwendolyn, Marlow & Eleanor 

Childhood Enthusiasms: Drawing, history, firearms, my parents' books and magazines, 70's television

Greatest Ambition: To have a happy family and to be happy - so simple yet so elusive throughout the ages

Greatest Accomplishment: My family. And my bronze medal in the 100 meter dash at the 1992 Olympic Summer Games in Barcelona.

Personal Motto: Don't Fake the Funk.