TerraMai Q&A - Bob Puccini


Bob Puccini, of San Francisco-based Puccini Group, knows the hospitality design business like few others. His hostility client list includes Fairmont, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Ritz Carlton and many more. In addition to San Francisco, Puccini Group is currently opening offices in Madrid and Moscow. Puccini is a contributing board member of the California Restaurant Association and the University of San Francisco's School of Hospitality Management, among other non-profit organizations. His numerous awards include induction in the World Travel & Tourism Council in 2005.  


Who and what are your main design influences? My main design influence is traveling around the world and looking at different cultures and how people experience food and togetherness. Additionally, I look at perspective guests in the market and what their needs and desires look like.

What and where is your favorite space? I love the over-the-top, yet classic, design of The Hotel New York in Budapest. It is filled with drama, classic & grand style. It is spectacular and breathtaking and is a true original, it can’t be recreated.

What architect or designer do you most admire? I most admire Terrance Conran for his innovativeness with so many ventures and his distinct originality

What deceased architect or designer is most overrated? n/a.

Who would you most like to design something for? We would like to do one fabulous project in the Middle East where design can be totally over the top and budgets are quite generous.

What is your favorite city or town? 1st San Francisco. 2nd Prague.

What building or structure do you most (strike 'dislike') LIKE? From an architectural standpoint, India’s distinctive style is larger than life. Specifically I am fascinated with the Blue City in Jodhpur and the Pink City in Jaipur.

What is the best moment of the day? I am a morning person, so the best part of the day is sitting down with my first cup of coffee and reading the newspaper and getting a perspective on the day.

What is your design philosophy? To create designs that resonate with the desires of the marketplace and that portray warmth, charm and a respite from everyday life.

What advice do you have for people interested in a career in design? Don’t be afraid to be BOLD. Be yourself and learn how to accept criticism—design is art and can be very subjective, stick with your gut.