• Rare. Limited. Unique.

    At TerraMai, we've searched the world over for reclaimed wood that adds feeling, soul, and warmth to your projects. With years accumulating material, we now turn our eyes to our own backyard and rediscover lost treasures.

    Air dried by nature and tested by the elements, we were inspired to create something rare, unique, and limited. From this, TerraMai's 51 Collection was born.

  • Crafted by nature. And our process.

    Authentic character can't be imitated. Refined by nature and then masterfully crafted into innovative products, the 51 Collection brings you unique treasures. We think you'll love them.

  • Special inventories

    The 51 Collection includes special woods from Africa, South America, Asia and the U.S. We select materials with specific qualities – grain pattern, patina, and cut – and then craft them into beautiful and sustainable products; all are available for immediate shipment.

Teak FJ

Teak FJ Flooring/Paneling

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African Mix Paneling

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Oak Fence Board Paneling

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Peroba Flooring/Paneling

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