TerraMai’s exotic and domestic reclaimed wood paneling comes with history, story and personality. It transforms walls and ceilings into something truly unique; certain to be a conversation starter! We can help you achieve your design vision with our wide range of textures, colors and character.

  Teak & Acacia Reclaimed Wood Paneling - Southeast Asia

Reclaimed Wood Teak FJ
Teak FJ
Teak Engineered - Oil
Teak Engineered
Teak Engineered - Naked
Naked Teak Engineered
Reclaimed Teak Eng Naked Tinted
Naked Teak Eng - Tinted
Reclaimed Teak Engineered - Kukui
Teak Engineered - Kukui
Reclaimed Teak Weathered Paneling
ND Long Plank Teak
Reclaimed Long Plank Teak Paneling
Surfaced Long Plank Teak
Reclaimed Teak FJ - Textured and Tinted
Teak FJ - Textured & Tinted
Reclaimed Acacia Metro Paneling
Acacia Metro
Reclaimed Acacia Metro White
Acacia Metro - Wire White
Reclaimed Acacia Metro Wire Dark
Acacia Metro - Wire Dark
Reclaimed Acacia Driftwood
Acacia Metro - Driftwood
Reclaimed Teak Metro Oil
Teak Metro - Oil
Reclaimed Teak Metro Wire White
Teak Metro - Wire White
Reclaimed Teak Metro Wire Dark
Teak Metro - Wire Dark
Reclaimed Teak Metro Driftwood
Teak Metro - Driftwood

  Redwood Reclaimed Wood Paneling - North America

Weathered Redwood Barn Wood
Weathered Lost Coast Redwood
Weathered Tinted Redwood - Lost Coast Fog
Lost Coast Redwood - Fog
Weathered Tinted Redwood Storm
Lost Coast Redwood - Storm
Weathered Redwood - Tinted
Lost Coast Redwood - Tinted
Reclaimed Tinted Redwood Paneling
Lost Coast Redwood - W&T
Reclaimed Simply Weathered Redwood Paneling Barn Wood
Lost Coast - Simply Weathered
LC Weathered Rails
Lost Coast Weathered Rails
Reclaimed Weathered Redwood - Painted Patina
Lost Coast - Painted Patina
Surfaced Redwood
Surfaced Lost Coast Redwood

  Oak Reclaimed Wood Paneling - North America

Reclaimed Oak Wood Flooring
Mission Oak White
Reclaimed Oak Vintage Wood Flooring
Mission Oak Vintage
Reclaimed Red Oak Flooring
Mission Oak Red
Reclaimed Mission Oak Engineered
Mission Oak White/Red
Reclaimed Mission Oak Engineered
Mission Oak - Driftwood
Reclaimed Mission Oak Leather Flooring
Mission Oak - Leather
Reclaimed Mission Oak Dark Oil Flooring and Paneling
Mission Oak - Dark Oil
Reclaimed Mission Oak Engineered Cowboy Coffee
Mission Oak - Cowboy Coffee
Reclaimed Mission Oak Engineered Flooring - White Oil
Mission Oak - White Oil
Reclaimed White Oak Mixed Grain
MC White Oak 6"
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak
MC White Oak -  Stout
Reclaimed Mission Oak Pale Ale
MC White Oak - Pale Ale
Reclaimed Dirty Face
Dirty Face
Reclaimed Dirty Face White Oil
Dirty Face - White Oil
Reclaimed Oak Dark Horse
Dark Horse - Clear Oil
Reclaimed Oak Dark Horse
Dark Horse - Black Oil
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak
MC White Oak 5"
Reclaimed Equestrian White Oak
Equestrian White Oak
Reclaimed Equestrian White/Red Oak Flooring
Equestrian White/Red Oak
Reclaimed White Oak Textured & Tinted
MC White Oak 5" Textured & Tinted
Mod Classics White Oak - TT
Moonscape - Light
Reclaimed Oak Paneling
Moonscape - Shadow
Reclaimed Oak Engineered
Moonscape - Eclipse
Tinted Oak
Moonscape - Mix
TerraMai Reclaimed Forbidden City Paneling
Forbidden City

  Walnut, Doug Fir & Cedar Reclaimed Wood Paneling - North America

Mod Classics Walnut - TT
MC Walnut
Mod Classics Walnut
MC Walnut - Oyster Wash
Mod Classics Walnut Tinted
MC Walnut - Squid Ink
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling - Red
Jewel Box - Ruby Red
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling - Black
Jewel Box - Black Pearl
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling - Blue
Jewel Box - Blue Topaz
Reclaimed Doug Fir Paneling - White
Jewel Box - Smoky Diamond
Reclaimed Red Cedar Paneling
Doug Fir Mocha
Reclaimed Clear Mixed Grain Douglas Fir
Mixed Grain Doug Fir
Reclaimed rePLY Paneling
Reclaimed rePLY Driftwood Paneling
rePLY - Driftwood
Reclaimed Pine Paneling
Pine - Black Tinted Oil
Reclaimed Tinted Pine Paneling
Pine - Chocolate Tinted Oil
Reclaimed Red Cedar Paneling
Western Red Cedar - Oil
Reclaimed Tinted Red Cedar Paneling
Western Red Cedar - Dark Oil

  Peroba Reclaimed Wood Paneling - South America

Peroba Weathered
Weathered Peroba
Peroba Weathered
Sandblasted Peroba
Peroba Surfaced
Surfaced Peroba
Peroba Tinted
Tinted Peroba
Weathered Reclaimed Wood
Painted Peroba

  Mora, Rock Walnut & Zebrawood Reclaimed Wood Paneling - Central America

Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood Mora Flooring
Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood Rock Walnut Flooring
Rock Walnut
Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood Flooring Zebrawood