With TerraMai’s Mora decking you can have it all; solid wood decking delivering beautiful aesthetics, durability, resistance to insects and rot, low maintenance and longevity, that is also ecologically friendly and affordable. All the benefits of tropical hardwood decking without harming the environment. This material is prefinished with a water based stain and tinted exterior oil. Left unfinished, Mora will naturally age to a weathered grey in about 24 months. TerraMai’s Driftwood finish provides the look and texture of weathered Mora without the wait.

 This product is part of the COMMERCIAL LINE

Source: Water reclaimed from Lake Bayano, Panama

Species: Vataireu lundellii

Colors: Weathered grey patina with slight teak brown undertones

Net Dimensions: 7/8" thick x 5" wide x 8' to 12' random lengths 

Millwork: Surfaced four sides (S4S) with four edges beveled

Character: This wood has a straight grain pattern quite similar to mahogany. It has a consistent tight grain and takes finishes well. It is sanded with any through holes prefilled with black epoxy

Finish: Lightly wire brushed and prefinished with a natural tinted exterior oil on front face and edges. Back face is finished with a clear exterior oil. We can also add a fire retardant as needed.

Contractor Pricing (by lineal feet) - $8.65
  • Less than 1,200 lineal feet - $9.50
  • 1,200 - 23,999 lineal feet - $8.65
  • 24,000 lineal feet and greater - $Call
Standard Pricing (by lineal feet) - $9.50
  • Less than 1,200 lineal feet - $9.50
  • 1,200 lineal feet and greater - $9.03

NotePrices are per lineal foot. Minimum order $2,500. As with other woods, over time Mora will develop surface checking and the grain will raise when exposed to the elements. This does not affect structural performance of the material and is simply part of the aesthetics.