TerraMai reclaimed wood flooring brings unrivaled beauty and long lasting performance to any space. Every piece has a story to tell. Our range of finishes, colors and character allow for a wide expression of design; from classic to eclectic and everything in between. Want customized tints, stains, and textures? We can do that too!

 Southeast Asian Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Teak & World Mix

Reclaimed Teak Weathered
ND Long Plank Teak
Reclaimed Long Plank Teak
Surfaced Long Plank Teak
Reclaimed Teak Engineered - Kukui
Teak Engineered - Kukui
Reclaimed Teak Engineered - Naked
Naked Teak Engineered
Reclaimed Teak Engineered - Poly
Teak Engineered - Poly
Reclaimed Teak Engineered - Oil
Teak Engineered - Oil
Reclaimed Teak FJ
Teak FJ
Reclaimed Teak Engineered - Naked Tinted
Naked Teak Eng - Tinted
Reclaimed Teak Metro Oil
Teak Metro - Oil
Reclaimed Teak Metro White
Teak Metro - Wire White
Reclaimed Teak Metro Dark
Teak Metro - Wire Dark
Reclaimed Teak FJ - Textured & Tinted
Teak - Textured & Tinted
Reclaimed Wood - World Mix
Weathered World Mix
Reclaimed Wood - World Mix
World Mix

 Central American Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Mora, Rock Walnut, Zebrawood

Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood Mora Flooring
Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood Rock Walnut Flooring
Rock Walnut
Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood Flooring Zebrawood

 South American Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Peroba

Reclaimed Peroba Weathered
Weathered Peroba
Reclaimed Peroba Surfaced
Sandblasted Peroba
Reclaimed Peroba Tinted
Surfaced Peroba
Reclaimed Peroba Weathered
Tinted Peroba

 Domestic Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Oak, Walnut, Doug Fir

Reclaimed Oak Wood Flooring
Mission Oak White
Reclaimed Red Oak Flooring
Mission Oak Red
Reclaimed Mission Oak Engineered
Mission Oak White/Red
Reclaimed Mission Oak Engineered
Mission Oak - Shadow
Reclaimed White Oak Mixed Grain
Modern Classics White Oak 6"
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak
Modern Classics Oak -  Stout
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak
Modern Classics White Oak 5"
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak - Textured Tinted
Modern Classics White Oak - T&T
Reclaimed White Oak Engineered
White Oak
Reclaimed Oak Flooring
Equestrian Oak
Reclaimed Oak Dark Horse
Dark Horse
Reclaimed White/Red Oak - Tinted
Tinted Oak
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak - TT
Moonscape - Light
Reclaimed Mod Classics White Oak
Moonscape - Shadow
Reclaimed Mission Oak
Moonscape - Eclipse
Reclaimed Oak
Moonscape - Mix
Reclaimed Mod Classics Walnut - Oyster
MC Walnut - Oyster Wash
Reclaimed Mod Classics Walnut - Oil
MC Walnut - Oil
Reclaimed Mod Classics Walnut Tinted
MC Walnut - Squid Ink
Reclaimed Orchard Walnut Poly
Orchard Walnut - Poly
Reclaimed Orchard Walnut Oil
Orchard Walnut - Oil
Reclaimed Clear Mixed Grain Douglas Fir
Mixed Grain Douglas Fir
Reclaimed Tinted Douglas Fir
Tinted Douglas Fir

 African Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Kane

Reclaimed Kane Engineered