Brad Weaver - National Accounts Manager


Birthplace: Baltimore, Ohio

Interests: Hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, cycling and gardening

Favorite Music: Classical, Country , Christian, Zepplin, Joe Pug, Dylan, This Will Destroy You, CCR, Stevie Ray, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Doors, yep…..pretty much all of it

Favorite Movies: Legends Of The Fall, Outlaw Jose Wales, Lonesome Dove 

Favorite Books: The Glorious Cause, Call Of The Wild and The Things They Carried

Favorite Foods: Fresh caught fish, Italian, red wine, IPA’s

Favorite Places: Anywhere with my family and home, High Sierras, Rocky Mountains, Boundary Waters

Favorite Time of Day: Dawn - Dusk

Passions: Time with my family and being outdoors away from pavement and telephone poles

Childhood Enthusiasms: Racing dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, football and basketball

Greatest Ambition: Be the person every day that I try to be on Sunday mornings

Greatest Accomplishment: Our kids achieving 3 Bachelors and 1 Masters Degrees and my wife and I surviving it…..

Personal Motto: “was gonna never accomplished anything”