Brad Olson - Operations Manager


Birthplace: Central Point, OR

Education: Abilene Christian University

Hobbies/Interests: Camping, hunting, antiques, traveling, Denver Broncos and museums

Favorite Music: Gotta say 80’s

Favorite Movies: Outlaw Josie Wales, It’s a Wonderful Life, Nacho Libre

Favorite Book: 18th and 19th century mysteries

Favorite Food: PB&J

Favorite Place: Owyhee Canyon in Eastern Oregon

Favorite Time of Day: Early Morning with a cup of coffee

Childhood Enthusiasms: Matchbox cars and motorcycles

Greatest Ambition: To help my four kids reach their full potential

Greatest Accomplishment: Happily married for 23 years and my four children

Personal Motto: Endeavor to Persevere.